Hosted VoIP Features

Work from anywhere

You can manage multiple office locations and mobile workers on different devices, through your Hosted Business VoIP account. Stay in complete control and manage costs with one simple monthly bill.


Call Routing and Hunt Groups

Distribute calls to any fixed, mobile or IP line. Improve call completion rates by distributing calls to multiple extensions or lines at the same time to be answered by the first available person.


Every VoIP extension can receive its own voicemail messages with additional options available for managing and listening to the messages such as using the handset or by having it delivered to an email address accessible anywhere.

Inbound Conference Calls

Host conference calls for your customers or staff with your own Conference line. Participants dial this number and are automatically connected with all other inbound calls with virtually no limit on the maximum amount of participants.

Call Recording

Record inbound or outbound calls and gain access to every interaction with customers. soon you’ll be able to improve the consistency in how calls are handled by your employees. You’ll also have access to vital information for resolving disputes.

Inbound Fax to email

Save time and paper by receiving your inbound faxes as emails. Free your staff from the office by giving them the flexibility to receive faxes from anywhere in the world on their mobile phone, tablet or PC.

Auto Attendants/ IVR

Reduce your dependency on a dedicated receptionist, an Auto-Attendant can handle your inbound calls by automating the routing or calls through a menu system. eg press 1 for sales, 2 for accounts, 3 for support.