Who is ‘The Man”?

Our mascot, ‘The Man’, is not a man at all, he is a symbol of integrity that represents us as a united team.

The Man takes ownership of a problem and sees it through to completion, he doesn’t back down when things get hard. The Man won’t point fingers or push blame, he’ll identify the issue and keep you informed while it is taken care of.

Collectively we are The Man

Our Service:

  • Our billing is simple and transparent, if a job is taking longer than anticipated we’ll let you know. We don’t like surprises either.
  • We keep our outgoing expenses to a minimum, this ensures we maintain extremely competitive rates
  • We are brand and technology agnostic, this gives us the freedom to continually search for better or more cost effective products and services for our customers
  • We don’t believe in cookie cutter solutions, each proposal is tailored to our individual customer’s needs

We Will:

  • We will never make you feel insecure or inferior about your IT knowledge, if everyone knew about IT we simply wouldn’t exist…everyone has a skill set desired by others
  • We will always do our best to explain things in layman’s terms to help you understand the issues you are having

What you Don’t See:

  • We are active contributors to the Open Source community, helping the community that helps you
  • Our engineers are always studying, IT is continuing to evolve and this keeps us ahead of the curve