Domain Management

Your first step to getting your business ‘online’ is to register a domain name, this is your unique identifier on the internet that allows people to find your webpage and send you emails.

Your domain can quickly become a marketing tool, as such it is often a good idea to also register variations of it to protect your brand. These variations might be as simple as registering multiple Top Level Domains (TLD) such as .com,, .net and, in other cases you might include alternate spelling of the domain name itself.

Domains need occasional work, let us worry about expiration dates, delegating name servers and creating new records.

Web Hosting and Management

After registering a domain you’re going to want to do something with it. A professional webpage can be an great advertising tool for your business, it will typically contain contact information for your business and the products and services you provide. If your site has been put together well potential customers may start finding you by searching the web with keywords related to your business.

We offer fast, secure and reliable web hosting for our customers at an honest rate. We can work with your Web Developer or use one of our own.

Email Hosting

Who uses slow mail these days? Another benefit of having your own domain is you can be

We can provide POP3, IMAP and Hosted Exchange services at competitive rates.