SAMSUNG ITFIT UV STERILISER WITH WIRELESS CHARGER – WHITE – Destroy 99% of harmful Bacteria and Germs, with Wireless Charging,Intuitive Design

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Wireless Charger compatible for all Samsung phones (and other Brands using standard Wireless Charging) including Fold models (folded), Buds, keys, glasses etc.


• Destroy 99% of harmful Bacteria and Germs - ITFIT UV sterilizer has been tested and proven by 3rd party laboratories to effectively kill up to 99% of all *bacteria and germs within 10 minutes. UV sterilization has been proven to be more effective than chemical wipes. *Including E.coli, staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa
• Exquisite design with dual UV lamps enables sterilization of both top and bottom surface of the goods.
• Easy to use - ITFIT UV Sterilizer’s single button allows turning on/off UV function. Automatically turns off after 10 minutes. *Green light indicates UV sterilizer is turned on
• Keep your belonging safe from Bacteria and Germs - Dedicated to keeping your personal daily belongings such as smartphones, Galaxy buds, glasses, and others from bacteria and germs
• Spacious design accommodates for most smartphones.
• Multifunctional - UV Sterilize and Wireless Charge your device at the same time *Charging does not stop when UV sterilization turns off
• Samsung have advised there are different UV light types, UV-A or UV-B which may cause discolouration but this uses UV-C which is safe and won’t have this kind of issue.