Thursday, 28 May 2020
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Remote Helpdesk and Onsite Assistance


Why choose outsourced IT support?


Many small to medium sized businesses can't fully utilise in-house IT support employees.  This isn't a criticism of an employee's performance, it's merely a matter of supply and demand, and as a result these businesses aren't getting the most out of employing these people.  Outsourcing your business' IT support is a cheaper option than employing people. 

Reduce Risk

What happens if you have a small IT team (ie 1 or 2 employees) and they take leave or fall ill, can your business survive the sudden loss/reduction of support?  Choosing an outsourced IT support business model allows you to mitigate this risk as you utilise a larger team of IT professionals than what would be economically viable employing them internally.  Leave periods no longer become a Human Resourcing nightmare.

Greater collective knowledge

Another benefit of having access to a larger IT team is a greater knowledge base to support your needs.  When you contract the services of a dedicated helpdesk there is a team of people sharing thoughts and knowledge, leading to decreased resolution times for faults.